Phakic IOL
Phakic IOL; is a surgical method used to correct high myopia and hypermetropy and produces precise and dependable results.It should be performed by doctors who are experts on this field.


It can be safely performed in cases where cornea is thin and laser is not a suitable option,

It is done by placing an artificial prescription lens inside the eye. It can be safely done in cases where hypermetropy does not allow for laser.


• They should be over the age of 18
• They should not have glaucoma, cataract and retinal diseases


Before the surgery is decided on, a detailed vision examination is performed on the patient, Evaluation of the cornea is very important,
Lens number to be used is determined,
Laser iridotomy is performed 15 days prior to the day of the surgery,
The surgery is done under local anesthetics
The patient uses antibiotic and steroid eye-drops for 15 days following the surgery,
There should be at least 15 days between the surgery of each eye,

It stays in the eye unnoticeably and cannot be seen from the outside. Also, the patient cannot feel it in the eye.