It is a treatable vision problem that is usually seen with increasing age. Cataract can be treated easily and successfully with developing surgery methods and intraocular lens technologies.
Cataract is usually seen related to aging. The intraocular lens that normally should be transparent loses its transparency, becomes opaque and changes color; as a result, the patient starts experiencing problems related to vision.
It is treatable; however, the treatment is only a surgical one.

Causes of Cataract

• Age... It is usually seen after ages 55 and 60
• Extended exposure to sun
• Diabetes
• Tobacco usage
• Damages to the eye
• Extended steroid usage

Symptoms of Cataract

• Vision loss without pain
• Glaring or increasing sensitivity to light
• Frequently needing changes in eye-glass numbers
• Double vision in one eye
• Needing brighter light for reading
• Problems in the night vision
• Paling colors or yellowing

What Should you Do?

You should contact your doctor and have an eye examination.

What could happen if it is not treated?

• Vision problems in near and far
• Changes in eye pressure
• Because cataract is an obstacle for retina examinations, it makes it difficult to diagnose other eye diseases.

How will your surgery take place?

Your eyes will be anaesthetized with drops. The surgery will be done with PHACO EMULSIFICATION, which is currently the most developed method. The lens that will be placed in the eye will be an FDA or CE approved foldable lens. The advantage of this method is that it will not require stitches because it is done with a small incision. You can return your home the same after the surgery after a short stay at the hospital. You will need to come back for a follow-up and we will explain you how you should use your medication.

Important Elements Affecting the Success of Cataract Surgery

• Experience of the doctor and their familiarity with cataract
• The technique used during the surgery, applying PHACO, for the lens to be placed in the eye to be FDA approved, multi-functional and foldable
• High-tech and hygienic environment of the institution