How to Choice your Cataract Surgeon
How to Choose Cataract Surgeon?

Cataract Surgery is a major life-changing event for most patients,and choosing a surgeon shouldn't be taken lightly.

Here is a list of questions to ask when choosing a cataract surgeon:

 1-Is your surgeon also a LASIK surgeon ?

Modern cataract surgery is also a refractive surgery ,meaning that is can reduce patients need for glasses.LASIK surgeons are experts in surgery that  reduces the need for glasses therefore are specially qualified to help cataract patients achieve the very best quality of vision.
It is advantageous  to select a surgeon dual -qualified and skilled both types of surgery

2-Does your surgeon specialize in advanced technology IOL'S 

3-Does your surgeon use every IOL avalable ?

Surgeons who are ceritified to use and have experience with all available IOL's are best abl eto customize the IOL selection  to each individual patient.Such skilled customization increases the likelihood of a succesfull result.

4-Does your practice use the latest  technology when evaluating a patient for cataract surgery.?

5-Are your surgeons experts at performing cataract surgery in patients who have had eye surgery before ,such as LASIK or RK ?

Choosing the best IOL is challenging in eyes that have had prior surgery and special expertise is required.The formulas used for IOL power calculation are extensive for eye that have had prior surgery and special instrumentation and computer software is often required.