PRESBYOPIA: AGE-RELATED NEARSIGHTEDNESS Age-related nearsightedness is one of the most...


Lasermicrokretomlarlasik surgery, also called Femtosecond or intralaser, allows for creation of...

Cross-Link Treatment

It was first used in Dentistry to increase tissue biomechanical stability in 1970s. It was...

Phakic IOL

Phakic IOL; is a surgical method used to correct high myopia and hypermetropy and produces...

Corneal Ring

CORNEAL RING; Corneal implantations were first used in the 1950s and their field of usage...

Premium IOL

PREMIUM INTRAOCULAR LENSES; Although artificial intraocular lenses have been used since...
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  • You can have lasik if you are;
    Over 18 years of age whose visual impairment has not changed more than 0.50 D in the last two years if the structure of your cornea is found compatible upon examination.
    If pregnancy and other eye diseases that require treatment are not an issue.
  • LASIK was approved by FDA in 1999, and today it is among the most performed surgeries in the world.
  • There is no harm in performing laser at the same time. It should be preferred for a speedier recovery.
  • Laser treatment will absolutely not prevent any other treatments, such as cataract treatment.
  • The patient´s entry and exit into the laser room lasts about 10-15 minutes. The procedure lasts for about 4-5 minutes for each eye.
    A slight stinging, redness and watering can be experienced after the treatment. If you rest for about one or two hours with your eyes closed, the pain will go away. You will feel better the next day and notice an improvement in your vision.
  • No. No treatment in medicine can be guaranteed. There are success rates. Because the success rate of laser treatment is high, many people in Turkey and abroad have had this surgery done over the years.